ccna exam komplet

1 Which of the following are characteristics of the core layer of the hierarchical network design model? (Choose three.)

redundant paths

high-level policy enforcement

packet manipulation

media transitions

rapid forwarding of traffic

no packet filtering

2 A configuration file needs to be loaded into the RAM of a router from a TFTP server. What should an administrator know before accomplishing this task?

the router IP address and the operating system that is used by the TFTP server

the TFTP server IP address and the name of the configuration file on the server

the router IP address and the name of the router configuration file in NVRAM

the TFTP server IP address and the router interface through which the file will be loaded

3 What are two advantages of using a simulation tool to test an IP addressing scheme? (Choose two.)

Address configuration errors can be addressed using out-of-band connections.

Placement of subnets and route summarization can be verified.

An engineer can test physical security without leaving the office or lab.

The addressing scheme can be tested for scalability.

The effects of combining new with existing infrastructure can be measured.

It provides real-time monitoring of a production network.

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